Maxsure Platinum - Complete Nutrition for Stomach Health


Maxsure Platinum is 100% plant-based oat milk for stomach and gut health. It is a complete and nutrients rich oat milk with 23 essential vitamins and minerals suitable for daily consumption. This dairy free, lactose free, soy free and nutrients rich formulation is suitable as a meal replacement and can help to prevent joint pains and allergies. Maxsure Platinum uses 100% natural and organic oat imported from US and is gluten free too. 

Maxsure Platinum milk to regain maximum strength uses low Glycemic Index (GI) fructose which will not acutely raise or spike blood glucose levels. It also does not contain any maltodextrin, artificial colours or preservatives. 

Maxsure Platinum Main Ingredients & Functions
1. Inulin

    - improves digestive health
    - increases prebiotics and probitics in your gut
    - contains soluble fibre that relieves constipation
    - reduces risk of colon disease
    - promotes weight loss
    - helps in controlling blood sugar

2. CoQ10 

    - sustain healthy blood lipid level
    - prevents cardiovascular disease such as heart attack or stroke
    - protects cells from harmful particles called free radicals
    - maintains heart health

3. Phosphatidylserine (PS)

    - improves brain health
    - improves memory and attention span
    - enhances learning ability
    - may be effective for those with Alzheimer disease 
    - may be effective for those with ADHD

4. Lutein

    - enhances vision protection
    - powerful antioxidant that improves eye health
    - protects eye tissues from damage caused by sunlight and blue light
    - reduces risk of developing eye diseases
    - prevents cataracts and vision loss

5. Yeast Beta-Glucan

    - strengthens immune system
    - protects in periods of excess stress
    - enhances protection against pathogens
    - promotes healthy inflammatory response
    - supports respiratory health
    - lower cholesterol levels

6. Calcium

    - maintains bone health
    - helps build and maintain strong bones and teeth
    - supports muscle function
    - protects from colon cancer
    - reduces risk of cardiovascular disease
    - prevents osteoporosis

Who should be taking Maxsure Platinum

  • 12 years old and above

  • Elderly individual

  • Pregnant women 

  • Diabetic patients 

  • Post-surgical patients

  • Vegetarian / vegan

  • Lactose intolerant individuals

  • Uric acid patients

  • Malnutrition / irregular meals individuals

  • Meal replacement for obese individuals

Serving Suggestion

  • Add 5 scoops of Maxsure Platinum into 250ml of warm water, stir well and consume twice per day



  • Keep in a cool, dry place, away from heat, direct sunlight, and humidity


Maxsure Platinum: Plant-based Complete Nutrition Oat Milk for Stomach Health

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