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7 x Biooats Beta Glucan 500g
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> Lactose-free 无乳糖
> Dairy-free 无奶制品
> Gluten-free 无麸质
> Preservatives-free 无防腐剂
> No artificial ingredients 无添加任何化学成分
> Plant-based ingredients 全植物性成分
> Less sweet (low GI) 低糖
> Low fat 低脂肪
> High soluble dietary fiber 高水溶性纤维

Benefits of Beta Glucan:
  • Regulate blood sugar level 调节血糖水平
  • Lower cholesterol and triglycerides 降低胆固醇及血脂
  • Improve cardiovascular system 改善心血管系统
  • Solve constipation and enhance lower bowel movement 解决便秘问题
  • Prevent stroke 预防中风
  • Boost immunity system 促进免疫系统
  • Prevent breast and gastric cancer 预防乳腺癌及胃癌
Benefits of CoQ10:
  • Lower blood pressure 降低血压
  • Prevent cardiovascular disease 预防心血管及心脏疾病
  • Sustain a healthy blood lipid level 维持健康血脂水平
  • Powerful antioxidant to slow down cell’s aging 抗氧化剂帮助防止细胞老化(2)
  • Boost energy and stamina 增强体力与耐力
  • Combat fatigue 抗疲劳

Biooats Beta Glucan King with CoQ10 Oat Bran Powder to Lower Cholesterol

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