Maxsure DM - Nutrition for Diabetes Management


Maxsure DM is scientifically formulated for diabetic management. It is a complete and nutrients rich oat milk with 28 essential vitamins and minerals suitable for daily consumption. This low GI and nutrients rich formulation is suitable for diabetic diet as a meal replacement. Maxsure DM consists of patented ingredients which is clinically proven to help stabilise and lower blood sugar level

Maxsure DM diabetes nutrition milk has ZERO sugar and uses high quality and effective imported raw materials which are 100% natural and organic. Hence, it does not contain any maltodextrin, artificial colours or preservatives. 

Maxsure DM Main Ingredients & Functions
1. Pep2dia

   - helps to regulate blood sugar level and minimize blood sugar spike
    - contains AP (Alanine-Proline) inhibits breakdown of food sugar in our small intestines
    - avoids sugar from entering the bloodstream by excreting it out of the body
    - can effectively regulate postprandial (2 hours after meal) blood sugar levels up to 3x

2. Glycostat Wild Bitter Melon

    - improves insulin sensitivity
    - stabilise blood pressure
    - lowers blood lipid levels, reducing cholesterol and triglyciride content
    - reduces risk of cardiovascular disease
    - promotes vasodilation, help to reduce sugar build up in blood vessels
    - anti-inflammatory and improve body's immune system

3. Chromium

    - reduces insulin resistance
    - increase lipid metabolism and metabolic rate
    - helps with weight management by reducing food cravings

4. Myo Inositol

    - supports glucose control
    - prevents gestational diabetes (GDM) during pregnancy
    - increase fertility in PCOS syndrome
    - relieves anxiety, reduces frequency of panic attacks and OCD

5. Protein and Calcium

    - support muscle health
    - maintain strong bones and teeth
    - prevents osteroporosis

6. Omega 3, 6 and 9

   - prevent heart diseases such as heart attack
    - sustain healthy blood lipid levels
    - protect cells from harmful particals i.e. free radicals

Serving Suggestion

  •     Add 4 scoops into 250ml of warm water, twice per day


Who should be taking Maxsure DM

  •     Pre-diabetes patients

  •     Diabetes patients

  •     Glucose intolerant individuals

  •     Elderly individuals

  •     Gestatonal Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) patients

  •     Meal replacement for obese individuals


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